Frameworks (Javascript)

Javascript frameworks are abundant and everywhere, so I wanted to collate a list with some blurbs and first impressions.


Alpine.js: A really minimal framework that also allows functionality to be added to the HTML markup. Surprisingly full featured, has side-effect handling and a global store, too.

Backbone: A jQuery solution that is more of a way to model and organize the data you are going to be passing around. Uses templating from Underscore to build components. A tutorial is here.

htmx: Super lightweight and lets you bake in your actions directly to the HTML. If your app is simple enough, means no JS is needed at all. Wild stuff.

Marko: Can write your functionality into the HTML similar to Vue.

React: The classic. Makes SPA's slick and clean using components, but requires quite a few dependencies and Webpack and Babel, so is a bit unwieldy.

Vue: Allows functionality to be written in your HTML components, along with accompanying CSS and JS for each component.



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